Top 4 ideas for the first 3some dating

It’s exciting to have the first 3some dating, and it’s not easy to find a threesome dating party for the first time. For beginners, they often think twice before they go. Some people often criticize our three some love, and we seem to have entered a world of taboos. When we can get a 3some after defeating ourselves and others' speeches, it will make us feel crazy and irritating. For beginners, there are some things that are right for you in order not to let yourself down.

Pre-dating knowledge preparation

Maybe you will think that you have seen a lot of porns, but the 3some love is different from the general sex, and more is the match. You should watch some related videos, pick some tips to learn, and you can know what role you are more suitable for in a threesome dating. Although almost all people have their own sexual skills, learning more skills has no harm to you. When you are prepared in advance, you can measure your partner and know what you should do in the appointment. Your partner will also think that you are responsible and look forward to this appointment.

Calmly face your first 3 some dating

It's not a shame to admit that you are the first 3 some dating. This will give your partner more attention and increase the success rate of the date. Pretending to have a threesome action before will not make you confident, which may make you make a big mistake in a three some dating. Most 3some dating finderes prefer people who are dating for the first time. They think it's very interesting. People prefer to dig out surprises instead of facing disappointment.

Maintain hygiene and safety

Before a 3some love, you should have a good shower, which will greatly reduce the risk of getting bacteria in a threesome appointment. Everyone doesn't like dirty sex, and clean sex can be more interesting. Before the three some meeting, you should consider the happiness between you and your partner. Keep clean and carry enough condoms. This is a must for all appointments. You are a responsible person and want to keep three some. Happy dating.


Although you and your partner are sexually active people, it does not mean that they can accept anything. Everyone has their own bottom line. There should be a rule before the threesome dateing. Please do not touch this one. Line, this will help you have a pleasant date. Most people want to continue 3some dating, enough respect can make you a good impression, and there is no future 3 some love.

Having a 3some love is not an easy task, and you should have a pleasant memory when you get it. Sufficient preparation and a sincere heart will allow you to get what you want in a three some dating.

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