How to have a perfect marriage life

We are all eager to be happy forever, and live happily with our partners. This often appears in novels and movies, and many girls are also taking advantage of this kind of life and aiming at it. But marriage brings a series of challenges, and it is really difficult to live in a rainbow bubble all the time.

Most women are dressed in white wedding gowns, in the church, witnessed by their relatives and friends, and loudly declared "yes, I do", and finally kissed in the warm applause. We will always be happy until we walk together on the path of the park and remember the good times together. Marriage may be happy, but many people will be defeated by the passive side.

Marriage comes with the arrival of daily chores, we will not have so much time like romance, we follow the strict daily events and schedules, and finally go to the bedroom, maybe your elders will not tell you about sex with your partner. Relationship is a chore, and we eventually develop into a roommate by a lover.
Many couples are faced with the loss of sexuality in their marriage. In sexual behavior, humans need fresh stimulation to maintain interest. You can easily find out that after a couple's life, our climax will be less and less, and sometimes we will not expect it from the climax. We just want to squander things and represent the completion of this task.

Many couples do not regard sex as an important part of marriage. They begin a boring sex life and believe that as long as they are naked relative to their partner, they represent the existence of contact. Using the same posture, the same touch to accomplish this task, we know very well what this will lead to.
Fortunately, many couples began to try threesome dating, which is considered to be one of the most correct decisions they made. This lifestyle has greatly improved the quality of our sexual life and is no longer taboo. It brings us more ideas and saves our marriage, but it can also have a negative impact.

Threesome dating requires great trust between couples and a common open mind in sexuality. If the relationship between you is not stable, then it is best not to try. Many couples like to find weekly sex meetings or carnivals on the threesome dating site, or add new elements such as BDSM.

Threesome dating creates endless possibilities, and many couples say they found their wife or husband's new sexy appeal on a date. However, if there is not enough communication between you, this may lead to infidelity and addiction. Before you decide to go out, a frank exchange is crucial.

For beginners, understand the rules of 3some dating, and your partner to determine the boundaries of dating, and never do things that your partner doesn't like, and maintain adequate communication and trust
. When your partner is willing to start a new lifestyle with you, you don't need to have other secret lives. She is already willing to know everything about you and participate in any of your actions. This is true love, no matter when, I hope you have fun.

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